Górnośląskie Centrum Delfinoterapii


We would like to thank to all people and companies who help in building ours’ dolphinarium.We also invite you to see our sponsors websites to see what they do.
We would like to invite you to become our sponsor. We will provide you with big promotion and advertisement with the beginning of our center building. There are no dolphins in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary. We are sure that many people will be willing to being rehabilitated by dolphins as well as to swimming with with this friendly mammals and feeding them.

* companies who will help us the most will be able to choose the name for a dolphin.

* sponsors’ advertisements will be placed on the wall inside the building and on the tickets.

* flags with the company sign will hang at front of the center

* sponsors’ logos will be placed on postcards with dolphins.

* sponsors can use our logo

* people who buy or use our sponsors’ products and can prove it will pay less for the tickets

                                Organizators of Upper Silesian Centre of Dolphin Therapy


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