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m.a. Aleksandra Piascik – Graduated from Political Science faculty and Journalism at Silesia University in Katowice. Journalist with over 13 years experience in the field. Originator of Upper-Silesia Center of Dolphinotherapy. Knowing journal law, civil law, cryminal law and Bill about juvenille. Polish ex runner-up in female judo, wearer of Polish Cup in judo, diver.

m.a. Agnieszka Slezak – Graduated from three faculties: Physiotherapy, Physical Education, Pedagogy at Physical Education Academy. Finished studies on Biology and Animals breeding at Agriculture Academy in Wrocaw, specialized in horse training. Trained at Ukrainian Center of Dolphinotherapy in Kozacza Buchta. Has been working as a physiotherapist of disabled children in the water for 6 years and runs her own center of hipotherapy in Rybnik. Diver and sailor. Horse riding trainer for Special Olimpic Games.

m.a. Marzena Literacka – Graduated from Physiotherapy faculty at University of Physical Education in Wroclaw. Pedagogue, speech therapist, teacher of handicapped children. Has finished many courses like : “ Hallickwick method part A i B” and “Developing movement basing on the method of Weronika Sherborn”. From 10 years she has been rehabilitating ill people, like deep handicapped children, in swimming pool.

m.a. Anna Wroblewska – Graduated from Physical Education and Physiotherapy faculties at Politechnic University of Opole. Finished studies on Biology and Breeding of animals faculty at Agriculture Academy in Wroclaw, specialized in horse training. She has been working with children with physical and mentally diseases for many years. At present she is openning the center of hipotherapy in Gliwice. Good knowledge of English. Voleyball trainer, diver.

m.a. Przemyslaw Zielinski – Graduated from Biology and Breeding of Animals faculty at Agriculture University in Cracow. Works as a volounteer in „The Shannon Dolphins and Wildlife Foundation”, makes research on behaviour of bottlenose dolphins. Writing a m.a. about dolphins, their communicattion and about dolphinotherapy. Co-organizer of International Science Conference about protection of dolphins and whales. Diver. Speaks english fluently.

prof. Ryszard Poreba – Gynaecologist, obstetrician in Province Special Hospital of Silesian Medical Academy. President of Silesian Formation of Polish Gynaecology Association. Wonderful doctor – the first who practiced deliveries on rocking-chair, and the second who started the practice of deliveries in water. In USCD pregnant women rehabilitation superviser.

dr Roman Borczyk – Co-owner of the splendid dentistry clinic in Katowice. Doctors, who work for him are trained in: Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, the Hague, Venice. Surgeries are equipped with the most modern devices. Anaesthetics are dozed by computer device. Doctor Borczyk, free of charge, will take care of dolphin’s teeth in GCD.

m.a. Agnieszka Brzezinska – Graduated from Pedagogical Academy in Cracow. Speaks fluent Russian, German, English. Diver, water rescuer. Organizer of numerous swimming cups for children. Trains volleyball.

Violetta Madej – graduated from The Trade College in Katowice, specjalization techniques of selling Specialist in computer graphics. Expert of promotion, advertising, marketing and printing.

Ewa Wajda – graduated from The Economic Secondary School, specialization: economics and organization of the corporations. Graduated from The PR Management Schoo too, specialist in employment law.


The Upper-Silesia Child and Mother Health Care Center in Katowice
the biggest pediatric hospital in Poland. There are many specialist clinics and wards in the hospital – clinic of postoperative intensive care therapy, infants and babies intensive care therapy, surgery, orthopedic, traumathology, cardiosurgery, neurosurgery, oncology and cosmetic surgery, laryngology, urology, opthamology, pulmonology, alergiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, endocrinology, hematology and chemotherapy. Laboratory research, CT scanning, ultrasound scanning, audiology and spirometry are carried out there.

dr Boguslawa Beata Kaczmarek – doctor of humanities, special educator, speech therapist and the therapist Castillo Morales method. Specializes in early intervention and supporting the development of young children with Down syndrome, according to the „Portage Service and Hannen Programme”. The author of the Polish version Makaton Language Program, which helps disabled children to communicate with their environment.

Silesian Autonomy Movement (RAS) – an association created in 1990. by a group of Upper Silesians. Rejects the separatist views, but aims to create an autonomous region within the historical boundaries of Upper Silesia. According to the autonomy of the RAS program would function on the basis of restored Silesian Parliament, the regional government and the Silesian Treasury. They run a number of projects related to culture and the arts, it seems his own newspaper „Silesian Swallow” and founded a football club named 1.FC Katowice.

Upper Silesian Charity – both within and outside governmental charitable association founded in 1989. In Katowice Dietmar Brehmer initiative of organizing the German minority „Reconciliation and Future”. It works throughout the Upper Silesia. It seems meals to homeless, poor and unemployed, runs night shelters and carries clothing collection. Every year it seems more than 127 thousand. meals and provides approx. 56 thousand. nights.

Silesian Volunteer Water Rescue Service (WOPR) – an association of specialist water rescue team. Focuses approx. 4 thousand. rescuers in 31 branch offices and teams. The biggest of them work in Katowice, Gliwice, Sosnowiec, Dabrowa Mining and Rybnik. WOPR-sheep annually participate in approx. 115 shares and emergency interventions, assist approx. 750 injuries. Are part of the State of Emergency Medicine.

m.a. Danuta Kardas – mother of the child suffering from autism, a former president of the Katowice branch of the National Autistic Society. This organization deals with min. offers assistance to families raising children with autism.

m.a. Zbigniew Nita – Graduated from History on University of Mary Sklodowska-Curie in Lublin. At present, spokperson of steelworks in Stalowa Wola. His son took part in the programme of rehabilitation with dolphins for autistic children.

Lukasz Baj – lawyer, his office „SILEGRIS” works in Katowice, ul. Opole 17-19 / 215.

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