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Dolphins are famous for their intelligence and their fondness for people is simply legendary. They safe sinking people, navigate ships over the straits, beat up fish to nets, play basketball and threat people. They are friendly and interested. They also love to play with children. Dolphins make a unusual acrobatic show just for children, they make somersaults, walk on tails, jump over the rings, and catch each other. They have lived on the Earth for 50 million years. They are interesting not only for physicists, ships designers, divers, army but also for famous and admired people.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber, extremely popular Canadian pop singer, songwriter and actor during a visit to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta hugging the white whale. It is a cousin of the dolphin, is approx. 5 m long and weighs approx. 1.5 tons. In contrast, during the stay in the Bahamas and colleagues resting in the arms of Bottlenose Dolphin.

Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini
Argentine football star Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini with his girlfriend swam
with dolphins in Mexico. Messi, who first had the opportunity to close encounter
with dolphins, said: „It was a beautiful moment in my life”.

Kimberly Noel „Kim” Kardashian
Kimberly Noel „Kim” Kardashian American model, actress and businesswoman. Initialed his name a few scents of perfume, she participated in Dancing with the Stars. In 2012, Forbes magazine named her the seventh of the list of the most influential figures in show business.

During a visit to Miami football players from FC Barcelona swimming with the dolphins. During the game one of the dolphins decided to check the form of Victor Valdes. Finally, the dolphin was a better goal shooting him. A day later FC Barcelona in a friendly meeting with Mexican Chievo lost 1-4.

Princess Stephanie
Princess Stephanie of Monaco in 2004 became a godmother for a two bottlenose dolphins living in Aquapark „Connyland” in Switzerland.
(photo „NA ZYWO”,nr 12 may 2004).

Robin Williams

Robin Williams in 1998 was playing in documental movie „Between dolphins with Robbin Williams”. This actor was swimming with dolphins many times, watching their life in their natural environment. He was also in a few dolphinariums. His most favourite dolphin is bottlenose named „Stubby” and the dolphin he adopted .
(photo Internet)


Michael Jackson and dolphins in videoclips „Earth Song”
and „Man in the Mirror”

Michael Jackson (1958-2009) – king of the pop music was the first black artist, which got support on television, particularly in MTV. The „Thirller” is the best selling album ever (107 mln records), 13 of Michael’s singles filled the top one spots at the American hit charts. Michael Jackson sold 750 mln of records worldwide.
He introduced new forms of the dance such as robotdance and moonwalker
also received 13 Grammy Awards and special World Musical Award – Artist of the Millenium. Michael Jackson transferred 300 mln of dollars to help the poorest.
In two of Michael’s music videos : 'Man in the Mirror” and „Earth Song” dolphins appeared .

Scott Carpenter and dolphin Tuffy
In 1965 bottlenose dolphins participated in a research program of testing human reactions during spending time in the water. This program took part near the coast of California, USA. In the US Navy Laboratory „Sea Lab II”, which was dived 64 m. below the water, there were 10 aquanauts. Dolphins provided these aquanauts with delivery. The most popular persons from his laboratory were cosmonaut Scott Carpenter and bottlenose dolphin Tuffy. This dolphin delivered letters, pockets and tools to the station. He rescued divers three times by giving them line by which they were towed to the underwater home. Carpenter participated in the manned program of space flights He started in 24/02.1962 in the Aurora 7 capsule. He spent 4 hours 56 minutes and 5 seconds in the space. On the other hand he also spent 28 days in the underwater laboratory.

Jackie Chan                                       Qu Shu

bottlenose dolphin
Jackie Chan and Qui Shu-this very popular couple of Chinese actors played with bottlenose dolphin in romantic comedy „Gorgeous” in 1998. The scenes with dolphin were taken in Ocean Park in Hong-Kong.
(photos taken from the movie)

Otylia Jedrzejczak

In 2004 one of the biggest dream of Otylia Jedrzejczak( World-record holder, World Champion, European Champion & Polish Champion 200m by butterfly stroke) came true. She was swimming with bottlenose dolphins in the Ocean Park during her training camp in Florida.
(photo „Super Express”, 3 february 2004)

Luc Besson

This popular French director has been fascinated by sea and dolphins since his childhood. He wanted to become a scientist, specialist in research about dolphins. Unfortunately serious accident changed his plans for a life, but Luc is still great sympathizer of this mammals.
(photos Internet, scene from movie „Big blue” made by Luc Besson)

Keiko on movie plan and free
In 1993 a big star became weighting 6 tonnes whale named Willy. He played in a three movies „Free Willy”. His real name was Keiko what in japan language means „lucky”. He lived in Aquapark in Mexico. The ecologists created foundation, which was fighting for releasing him on freedom, to his natural environment. After the movies was finished he was readjusted to life on a freedom in Oceanarium in Oregon. In 1998 he was transported by plane from USA to Iceland. From that place he swam 14000km to cove Taknes in the region of Halsa fiord in Norway to find a company. He was living in that cove and wasfed by his protectors. He had a love of Norwegian children, who he loved playing with for example letting them ride on his back. After 18 months he died of pneumonia.

Paul Hogan and Elijah Wood

Next extremely popular actors : Paul Hogan („Crocodile Dundee”)
and Elijan Jordan Wood („The Lord of Rings”) starred with the group of bottlenose dolphins living in Dolphins Research Center on Florida in USA. Dolphins played in two TV series called „Flipper”, „New adventures of Flipper” and version of movie this film. Main character – bottlenose dolphin named Flipper is very crafty, loves his protectors and helps them in difficult situations.
(pictures : poster from movie, movie’s scene and Internet ).

Pierce Brosnan and Sting

In turquoise, crystalline clear waters of the Bahamas, a few scientists studying communication ways and intelligence dolphins in their the environment, „Dolphins” is narrated by Pierce Brosnan with music by Sting. In 2000 year this film was nominated to Oscar.
(photos : poster, scene from the movie, Internet)

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